Vol 4, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Construction of Expression Vector pVBG2307 by adding Transcription Initiation and Termination Elements PDF
Shahjahan Shabbir Ahmed, Nazeer Ahmed, Imran Ali Sani, Muhammad Naeem Shahwani, Mohammad Saeed, Sarwat Afridi, Muhammad Azam Khan, Gong Zhen Hui pp1-9
Mixed Dimensional Hierarchic Partitioned Nonlinear Analysis of Frames with Masonry Infill PDF
Gul Ahmed Jokhio, Yasmeen Gul, Ehsanullah Kakar pp10-13
Increasing Text Readability Using list Structure for Web PDF
Sadaf Riaz, Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Walayat Hussain pp14-18
Relationship Dynamics of Filing Grievances: A Conceptual Model PDF
Muhammad Adeel Anjum, Anjum Parvez, Zainab Bibi pp19-27
Theoretical Study of Pinching Effect in the Theta Pinch Plasma by Variation in Kinetic Pressure PDF
Anees-ur Rahman, Hamdullah Khan, Noor Ul Haq Khan Achakzai pp28-32
Somatic Embryogenesis and Organogenesis from Embryonic Explants of Pinus gerardiana PDF
Mohammad Saeed, Mohammad Naeem Shahwani, Shahjahan Shabbir Ahmed, Nazeer Ahmed, Ghazala Shaheen, Agha Mohammad Raza pp33-36
Smart Implementation of Cluster Head Responsibilities in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Raja Asif, Riazul Ameen pp37-45
Characterization of ZnO by Means of C-V Measurement of Respective Schottky Diode by DLTS PDF
Noor ul Huda Khan Asghar, Hamdullah Khan, Zaheer Abbas Gilani, Muhammad Saifullah Awan, Irshad Ahmad, Wahab Q, Muhammad Asghar pp46-50
Modular Modeling Approach for Analysis of Cellular Beams PDF
Gul Ahmed Jokhio, Yasmeen Gul, Ehsanullah Kakar pp51-56
Study of 3D Structural Model of Granzyme H to Predict Different Sites Involved in Substrate and Inhibitor Recognition during Apoptosis PDF
Naheed Z Rizwi, Muhammad Asif, Rukhshan Khurshid, Uzma Farid, Saeed Ahmad Nagra, Arif Malik, Zeeshan Ghani, Abrar Hussain pp57-69
Stock Investors’ Overconfidence: Evidence from Islamabad Stock Exchange PDF
Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Zubair Khan pp70-74
The Molecular Architecture of HCV: A review PDF
Abrar Hussain, Muhammad Idrees, Madiha Akram, Liaqat Ali, Arif Malik, Muhammad Asif pp75-85
On Boolean, Heyting and Brouwerian Algebras PDF
Mohammad Nawaz pp86-93

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