Vol 11, No 1 (2021)

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Treatment of Palm oil mill effluent using activated biochar obtained from the residue of the gasifier PDF
Asad Ullah, P G Rathnasiri, Dinithi Warnasurya, Zahid Naeem Qaisrani, Fahim Ibupoto, Syed Zameer Ul Hassan, Anila Ali, Ali Asghar, Syed Kamran Sami, Syed Haseeb Sultan pp 1-3
Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Optimizing Techniques: A Review PDF
Muhammad Ismail Jamali, Ghullam Mustafa Bhutto, Abdul Sattar Saand, Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa, Mansab Ali Lakho, Irfan Ali Channa, Asif Ali Lund pp 4-10
"Simulation and Analysis of Active Power Filter for Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in a Wind Based Distributed Generation" PDF
Irfan Ali Channa, Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Naveed Mohsin Mughal, Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa, Syed Abid Ali Shah Bukhari, Muhammad Ismail Jamali pp 11-17
Landslide Inventory and Landslide Susceptibility Mapping for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’s main route (Karakorum Highway) PDF
Hasnain Abbas, aftab ahmed khan, Dostdar Hussain, Garee Khan, Syed Najam ul Hassan, Isma Kulsoom, Sadiqa Hussain, Sibghat Ullah bazai pp 18-30
GIS based Vs30, Vsz & Dbed rock Mapping for the Shallow Sites of Islamabad, Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Shahkar, Muhammad Usman Arshad, Shamsher Sadiq, Abdul Waheed pp 31-35
Energy Efficient Node Deployment for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Shahzad Hassan, Shahida Khanam, Maria Ahmad, Imtiaz Alam pp 36-41
Analysis of Digital Video Broadcast Second Generation Satellite (DVB-S2) for Simultaneous Voice Communication & TV Broadcast PDF
Niamat Ullah Shah, Hamayoun Yousaf Shahwani, Syed Attique Shah, Mohammad Imran, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Qasim, Zahid Rauf, Bakhtiar Khan Kasi, Ghulam Sarwar pp 42-46
Removal of Hazardous Materials from Residential and Commercial Liquid Waste Using Solid Sorbents PDF
Azmatullah Khan, Muhammad Habib, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Akram, Naik Muhammad, Nawaz Ali, Zafar Baloch, Saeeda Yousaf, Najeeb Ullah, Gohram Khan, Abdul Malik Rehan Abbasi, Mohammad Danish Saleem, Salman Shahid, Muhammad Sanaullah, Zabiullah Khan, Sheharyar Kakar, Mehrab Malik pp 47-51
PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller based Comparative Analysis of Separately Excited DC Motor PDF
Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Irfan Ali Channa, Syed Abid Ali Shah Bukhari, Muhammad Ismail Jamali, Sadullah Chandio, Ahsan Ali Memon pp 52-56
Efficient adsorption of Malachite Green from water by activated carbon of Date trunk fiber PDF
Rooh Ullah, Muhammad Haroon, Saif Ullah, Sahid Mehmood, Nasir Khan, Fazal Haq, Waqar Uddin, Naeem Ullah, Zafar Ali, Hammal Majeed pp 57-62
Desulfurization of Mach Coal of Balochistan by Leaching Method PDF
Faisal Mushtaq, Asad Ullah, Asfandyar Khan, Abdul Waheed, Syed Haseeb Sultan, Ghulamullah Kakar, Gohram Khan, Abdul Malik Rehan Abbasi pp 63-66
Investigation of advanced control for unified power flow controller (UPFC) to improve the performance of power system PDF
Asif Ali Lund, Muhammad Usman Keerio, Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Muhammad Ismail Jamali, Abdul Qadeer Tunio pp 67-76
A Novel Parts of Speech (POS) Tagset for morphological, syntactic and lexical annotations of Saraiki language PDF
Muhammad Nabeel Asghar, Farrukh Javed Saleemi, Sajid Iqbal, Muhammad Umar Chaudhry, Muhammad Yasir, Sibghat Ullah Bazai, Muhammad Qasim Khan pp 77-84
An Ontology-Driven Decision Support System for Rice Crop Production PDF
Hifza Afzal, Mumraiz K. Kasi, Bakhtiar Kasi, Bushra Naeem, Syed Kamran Sami pp 85-94
The effect of noise on motor task functioning among young motorcyclist: A controlled experiment PDF
Anila Ali, Roslinah Mohamad Hussain, Ali Asghar, Syed Zameer Ul Hassan, Gohram Khan Malghani, samiullah khan, Nazri Che Dom, Muhammad Qasim Khan pp 95 -101
Improving TICK efficiency by GA-based fuzzy membership functions optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Tae Ho Cho, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Akram, Hamayoun Shahwani, Syed Attique Shah, Surat Khan, Faizullah Khan, Akbar Khan, Muhammad Qasim Khan, Ghulam Sarwar pp 102-107
Land Cover Classification using Machine Learning Approaches from High Resolution Images PDF
Akhtar Jamil, aftab ahmed khan, Alaa ali Hameed, Sibghat Ullah Bazai pp 108-112
Evaluation of Drivers and Barriers of Wind Power Generation in Pakistan. SWOT-Delphi Method
Ayaz Hussain pp 113-119
A Machine Learned Approach to Identify the Anomalies in Load Pattern of Pakistan PDF
Khwaja Naveed, Khalil Khan, Nasir Ahmed Khan, Adeel Shams, Muhammad Junaid, Yousaf Saeed pp 120-124
Energy Resources of Pakistan: Issues and Crisis
Izzat Imtiaz, Sadaf Ghori

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