Vol 10, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Fabrication of Lab Scale Greywater Filtration Plant for Water Management in Quetta, Pakistan PDF
Asad Ullah, Zahid Naeem Qaisrani, Saood Ali Shah, Narissara Nuthamachot, Kuaanan Techato, Pankaj Kumar Jha pp 1-5
1D Effective Stress Site Response Analysis; Using Stress Based Pore Pressure Model and Plasticity Model PDF
Saeed Jan Mandokhail, Naik Muhammad, Muhammad Habib, Muhammad Irfan, Salah Uddin, Muhammad Akram pp 6-12
Extraction and Concentration Comparison of Dyeing Behavior of Orange dye on Lyocell Fabric PDF
zamir abro pp 13-18
Effective Computational Techniques of Reducing Cogging Torque in Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine PDF
Naseer Ahmad, Faisal Khan, Hamid Ali Khan, Surat Khan, Faizullah Khan, Muhammad Abbas Khan, Ishtiaq Ahmad pp 19-25
Real-time Health Monitoring using Wireless Body Area Network PDF
Fahad Khan, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Jawad Khan, Muhammad Tariq Sadiq, Rao Muhammad Asif, Zahid Mehmood pp 26-30
Dual Band Switchable Voltage Controlled Oscillator in 65-nm CMOS Technology PDF
Hamayoun Yousaf Shahwani pp 31-34
Emotion Based Facial Expression Detection Using Machine Learning Approach PDF
Farrukh Jamal pp 35-40
Laboratory Based Automatic Traffic Light Control System by Using (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller PDF
Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Masood Ali Koondhar, Ali Asif Malak pp 41-49
Traffic-Noise Assessment at Rush Hours in Quetta City PDF
Anila Ali, Ali Asghar, S Zameer Ul Hassan, Gohram Malghani pp 50-56
Geoengineering Assessment of Subgrade Highway Structural Material along Ijebu Owo – Ipele Pavement, Southwestern Nigeria PDF
Assessment of Some Heavy Metals in Selected Vegetables, Fruits and their Respective Soil PDF
Muhammad Rahim pp 70-74
Investigating the Influence of Heavy Oil Recovery by In Situ Combustion during Air Injection as EOR Technique PDF
Shaikh Azizullah pp 75-84

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