Vol 9, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Hazard and Operability Analysis(HAZOP) of a Plastic Manufacturing Plant at Karachi, Pakistan. PDF
Shagufta Ishtiaque, Sidra Sikandar, Muhammad Faisal Akhter, Mehwish Altaf, Mohammad Siddique pp 1-7
Novel and Optimized Techniques for Storage and Transportation of Hydrogen: Perspectives and Challenges PDF
Saadat Ullah Khan Suri, Mohammad Siddique pp 8-15
Durability Based Study of Self-compacting Concrete Having Surplus and Waste Brick Kiln Dust as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate
Muhammad Farhan, Laique Zaman, Muhammad Tahir Khan pp 16-21
Efficient Multilevel Cache Design for Solid State Drive’s PDF
Bakhtiar Kasi, Mumraiz Kasi, Riaz UlAmin pp 22-28
Analysis of Observations Acquired from Digieye and Macbeth PDF
Abdul Malik Rehan Abbasi pp 29-32
Optimization of Process Parameters to Control Yarn Packing Density of Cotton Spun Yarn by Using Multiple Regression Models PDF
Mohammad Ali Zeeshan, Shouket Ali Adnan, Sobia Faisal pp 33-37
Drafting force measurement: A New method to Optimize Drafting Process PDF
Qasim Siddiqui, Abdul Malik Rehan Abbassi, Awais Naeem pp 38-40
Removal of Zinc(II) from municipal wastewater using chemically modified activated carbon developed from Rice husk and Kikar charcoal PDF
Asadullah Baloch, Zahid N. Qaisrani, Ibrar Zahid, Shah Hussain, Ali Nawaz Mengal, Syed Kamran Sami, Muhammad Amin, Mohammad siddique, Syed Haseeb Sultan pp 41-47
Bioenergy production from waste mango seed shell by thermo-chemical conversion and its importance for mango fruit processing industry PDF
Muhammad Amin, Mahinsasa Narayana, Asadullah Baloch, Syed Kamran Sami, Muhammad Najam Khan, Syed Haseeb Sultan, Muhammad Junaid pp 48-52
Increase Battery Time by Improvement in Regenerative Braking with Storage System in Hybrid Vehicle PDF
Rao Muhammad Asif, Adnan Yousaf, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Noman Shabbir, Muhammad Tariq Sadiq pp 53-62
Desalination of Seawater Using Lab Scale Solar Plant PDF
Zahid Naeem Qaisrani, Asadullah Baloch, Mohammad Hashim, Syed Kamran Sami, Syed Haseeb Sultan, Mohammad Siddique pp 63-67

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