Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Numerical Simulation of Ethanol Production for Different Carbon Sources Using Thermotolerant Kluyveromyces Marxianus PDF
Hidayatullah Mahar, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Imran Nazir Unar, Irshad Ali Gopang, Makhdoom Naeem, Mohammad Siddique Siddique pp1-9
A Methodology for Brand Name Hierarchical Clustering Based on Social Media Data PDF
Tasweer Hussain Shah, Nasir Naveed, Zahid Rauf pp10-23
Reserve Estimation Technique for Low Permeability Shale Gas Formations of Lower Indus Basin, Using Simulation Approach PDF
Zafarullah Abro, Ali Nawaz Mengal, Abdul Haque Tunio, Adnan Aftab Nizamani pp24-31
Cost Sensitive Learning and SMOTE Methods for Imbalanced Data PDF
Akbar Khan, Faizullah Khan, Surat Khan, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Saeed pp32-38
Analysis of Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Degradation of Gelatin-Based Film–Exploring the Biopolymer for Plastic Advancement PDF
Asia Neelam, Omme Hany, Shagufta Ishteyaq, Kekshan Nawaz, Syed Junaid Mahmood, Mohammad Siddique pp39-47
Blackout Avoidance through Intelligent Load Shedding in Modern Electrical Power Utility Network PDF
Ishtiaq Ahmad, Faizullah Khan, Surat Khan, Akbar Khan, Abdul Wahid Tareen, Muhammad Saeed pp48-57
Parametric Effect of Distillery Effluent as Substrate in Microbial Fuel Cell for Power Generation PDF
Mohammad Siddique, Mohammmad Najam Khan, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Shaheen Aziz, Sohail Ahmed Soomro pp58-64
The Effects of Cracks on the Modulus of Rupture of Concrete PDF
Zarak Khan Kasi, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail, Nawaz Ali Kakar, Marjan Gul Kakar, Meer Hamza Khan Jogezai pp65-69
Mixed Integer Linear Programming Optimization of Multi-Node Transportation Transshipment Network PDF
Abdul Salam Khan pp70-76
Applications of FACTS/ESS in Power System Congestion Management with Large Renewable Energy Sources Using PSS/E and Experienced in National Grid of Pakistan PDF
Zaira Anwar, Tahir Nadeem Malik, Awais Sarfraz, Hassan Hameed, Abdul Rehman, Tahir Abbas pp77-95
An Approach for Sentiment Based Product-Feature Diversification of User Generated Reviews PDF
Nasir Naveed, Thomas Gottron, Zahid Rauf pp96-101

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