Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Experimental Study on Comparison of Strength Properties of Natural Waste Fiber (Coir and Jute) Reinforced Concrete PDF
Syed Nasir, Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Zafar, Ahmed Bilal, Anwaar Hazoor, Ehsanullah Kakar, Aamir Mehmood pp105-110
Implementation of Spectral Amplitude Coding OCDMA System Based on Multi- Carrier Optical Signal PDF
Jehanzeb Khan, Yousaf Khan, Faizullah Khan, Waqas A. Imtiaz pp111-117
Effect of Pakistani Low Rank Coal and Banana Tree Waste on Gaseous Emissions through Co-combustion- An Environmental Approach PDF
Mohammad Siddique, Suhail Ahmed Soomro, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Hidayatullah Mahar, Ghulamullah Khan, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail, Abdullah Khan, Deleep Kumar pp118-122
Assessment of Utilizing Marble Stone Dust and Wood Saw Dust as Partial Replacement for Cement and Sand in Concrete PDF
Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Nasir, Syed Zafar, Ahmed Bilal, Ehsanullah Kakar, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail, Aamir Mehmood, Zafar Lashari pp123-128
Post National Grid Reinforcement Analysis of QESCO Network for Reliable and Optimal Operation PDF
Ubaid-ur Rehman, Faizullah Khan, Surat Khan, Muhammad Saeed, Rehmat ullah, Akbar Khan, Ali Madad pp129-138
Optimization of the Temperature Effect on Ethanol Production through use of Simulation PDF
Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Shaheen Aziz, Imran Nazir Unar, Suhail Ahmed Soomro, Mohammad Siddique pp139-144
Strength Behavoir Evaluation of Cement Mortar using Waste Fly Ash and Marble Dust PDF
Syed Zafar, Ahmed Bilal, Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Nasir, Anwaar Hazoor, Ali Nawaz, Ehsanullah Kakar, Aamir Mehmood pp145-150
Predicting Trachoma Using Machine Learning Techniques PDF
Akbar Khan, Abdul Samad, Faizullah Khan, Surat Khan pp151-155
Di-Methyl Ether (DME) Prospective in Terms of Conventional Fuels in Pakistan from Gasification of Aboriginal Coal PDF
Aziza Aftab Memon, Shaheen Sheikh, Mohammad Siddique, Shagufta Ishtiyaque, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Faisal Mushtaq ppp156-165
Effect of Lime and Cement on Unconfined Compressive and Shear Strength of Soil in Baleli and its Vicinity PDF
Ahmed Bilal, Anwaar Hazoor, Syed Nasir, Syed Zafar, Muhammad Ayoub, Ehsanullah Kakar, Salahudin . ppp166-171
Experimental Evaluation of Corrosion for Aluminum Alloy in Aerated NaCl Solutions under Turbulent Hydrodynamic Conditions PDF
Ghulamullah Kakar, Faisal Mushtaq, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail, Mohammad Siddique, Ali Nawaz Mengal pp172-177
Synthesis and Characterization of Spintronic Material (Hg0.8Cd0.2 Te) by Solid State Reaction PDF
Noor ul Huda Khan Asghar, Muhammad Shahzad Shifa, Zaheer Abbas Gilani, Adnan Ali, Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Nuaman Usmani pp178-182
Cultural Usability in E-commerce Website Design: Using Objective Characteristics PDF
Abdul Rehman pp183-189

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