Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Evaluating Cultural Web Usability in Global E-commerce Sites PDF
Abdul Rehman, Asad Ali, Irfan Ahmed Magsi pp122-125
Exploring the Linkages between Population Growth and Economic Growth for South Asian Countries PDF
Usman Azhar, Mohsin Hasnain Ahmad, Abdul Raziq pp126-132
Synthesis And Characterization Of Strontium Hexaferrite By Solid State Reaction PDF
Muhammad Talal, M.S Awan, Mohammad Noor ul Huda Khan, Hamdullah Khan pp133-135
Wave Propagation into Buildings PDF
Ehsanullah Kakar, Farhan Elahi, Faisal Khan, Kamran Ali pp136-140
Recovering VANET Safety Message in Transmission Holes PDF
Faisal Khan, Farhan Elahi, Kamran Ali, Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Ehsanulla Kakar pp141-145
Vehicle to Vehicle Cluster-Based Auto-Configuration for Vehicular adhoc Networks PDF
Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Riaz ul Amin, Faisal Kakar, Raja Asif pp146-153
Attenuation Caused by Obstructing Vehicles in V ANETs PDF
Faisal Khan, Farhan Elahi, Kamran Ali, Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Ehsanulla Kakar pp154-159
Efficient Bandwidth Utilization in DOCS PDF
Asad Ali, Abdul Rehman, Aftab Ahmed, Ayesha Iftikhar, Malghalara Kakar pp160-163
Synthesis and Characterization of Barium Hexaferrite by Solid State Reaction PDF
Noor ul Haque Khan Achakzai, M.S Awan, Hamdullah Khan pp164-167
High Performance Management Practices: Definition and Measurement PDF
Abdul Raziq pp168-176
A Dynamic Auto-Address Configuration Protocol for VANET Region based Auto-configuration Protocol with Code Association(RAPACA) PDF
Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Riaz ul Amin, Faisal Khan, Rahila Umer pp177-185
Impact of Competitive Intelligence on Organizational Performance PDF
Tayyaba Akram, Ajmal Waheed pp186-191
Exploring the Linkages between Energy use and Economic Growth in Pakistan PDF
Ali Kakar, Maqsood Ahmed, Aamir Mahmood, Bilal Sarwar pp192-196
Acoustical Properties of Honeycomb Fabric with Advance Material Micro- Plates PDF
Zamir Ahmed, Sohail Yasin, Mohammad Qasim, Mohammad Ali Zeeshan pp197-200

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