Masood Anjum


Faculty administration of pure Flurazolidone feed additive led to immunosupressiom in a normally behaving layer flock aging 19 wks at a public sector poultry farm Quetta.At the age of 20 weeks, immunization was performed against Newcastle Disease by injecting Lasota strain (inactivated oil-based vaccine) and simultaneous inoculation with Live Lasota strain vaccine via the intraocular route. At the age of 23 weeks, flock comprising of 3,855 birds with 47% egg production showed behavioral changes such as cyanosis of comb, respiratory rales, swelling of head and eyes, paralysis, diarrhea with greenish color, unstable production trend and increase in week shell egg laying. Despite all possible laboratory-supported remedial measures, the problem persisted varyingly, causing mortality up to 31 weeks and culminated in the flare up of Newcastle Disease. During this period of 8 weeks, 15.77 % mortality was observed. A day prior to the flare-up of Newcastle Disease, realizing the peak of distress and failure of all the then prevailing remedial measures, supplementation of “Havi” via drinking water was initiated as the last resort. “Havi” supplementation could not check the outbreak but proved most effective for suppressing mortality which was 5.27 % in the preceding week after flare up and only 2.3 % by the end of 35th week, the time “Havi” supplementation terminated. A week after flare up, egg production declined to 24 %, then increased to 53 % at the disruption of “Havi” and later on attained a peak of 78 %. Two weeks after the flare up of Newcastle Disease, “Havi” supplementation proved ever effective in checking mortality, suppressing morbidity and acceleration egg production. Antibody profiles against Newcastle Disease at that stage were at their peak but symptoms continuously prevailed. Flock was revaccinated with Newcastle Disease live virus Lasota strain vaccine via intraocular route. This response was ever astonishing and in the proceeding 96 hours signs/ symptoms disappeared and flock started performing as per required parameters.

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