Measurement of Optical Parameters: Absorption Scattering And Autofulorescence of Skin in Vitro

S. fordous


From an applied point of view the outer most skin layers contain numerous structures by which penetrating radiation may be scattered as well as absorbed. The nature and strength of scattering and absorbtion may strongly influence the length of penetration.

We illuminated the chicken breast skin tissues with collimated radiation of 400-700 nm ND- YAG pumped dye laser, and measured skin optical properties for dry and hydrated sample in vitro. Total reflectance and transmitted intensities were recorded by which scattering, absorption and anisotropic factors of the sample obtained using double integrating sphere setups.

The in vitro optical parameters are higher than in vivo measurements. Our in vitro results are in agreements with other data available in literature. Hydration of skin is found to influence its scattering. Dry sample scatter less then hydrated sample.

Skin autoflourescence spectra were acquired under different excition wavelength; it shows difference between normal and malignant tissues.
Key Words: transmittance, reflectance, absorption, scattering, autoflourescence, in vitro, and double integrating sphere.

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