Response Of Sunflower Hybrids In Uplands Of Balochistan

S. Asmatullah Taran, Muhammad Sharif Kakar, Syed Naseebullah Taran, Naeem Shahwani, Muhammad Saeed


Fourteen hybrids of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)namely Suncremer-36, Hysun-38, ZR-123, LG-56-60, 15806,FH-106, 63 A 90, Rumbasol, Hysun-33(Chedk), Parsan-2(check),63 A 82,SF-187, G-101 and 64 A 57 were compared for days to flower initiation, days to flower completion, days to maturity, plant height, head diameter, and seed yield in uplands of Balochistan during summer 2005. Highly significant differences were observed among the varities for all the studied traits except head diameter at both location (Quetta and Khuzdar). 63 A 90 gave highest yield of 3239 and 2938/ha followed by 63 A 82 giving a yield of 2975 and 2780 kh/hac in Quetta and Khuzdar, respectively, While Hysun-33 at ARI,Sariab, Quetta and G-101 at Khuzdar gave the lowest yield. The present study indicated that yield performance was significantly different for locations and varieties which show that selection of hybrids for different locations can play a good role in the yield increase per hectare of sunflower.

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