Phytotoxicity of acropitilon repens (Asteraceae) and Nepeta pretervisa (Laminaceae)

Nusrat Jahan, Mudassir Israr, Arsala Mansoor, Asma Yousafzai


Medicinally important plants Acropitilon repens, Nepeta preatervisa in Balochistan, were investigated for phytotoxicity. The methanol extracts of the whole plants were analyzed for the phytotoxic effects on development of fronds of Lemna aequinocatialis. The test species was significantly inhibited by methanol extracts of both Acropitilon repens and Nepeta praetervisa. A.repens showed 65% phytotoxicity at high concentration and N.praetervisa significantly inhibited 50% growth of test plant Lemna aequinoctialis. 

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