Sugar industry effluent – characteristics and chemical analysis

Abdul Rehman memon, suhail Ahmed soomro, Abdul Khaliq Ansari


Sugar industry being an important player in the foreign exchange earning, also plays its part in pollutin the environment with its discharges. In this study three sugar mills were selected for the analysis of the compostion of their effluent, which are the primary source of water pollution, viz. Matiari sugar mills, Fauji sugar mills, Tando Mohammad khan and Habib sugar mills, nawabshah. The results of the study showed that the effluents in general exceed the  limits specified in NEQS with reference to parameters such as BOD, Chemical Oxygen Demands (COD), Oil and Greases (OG), Total suspended Solid (TSS). The pollution level found through the analysis can be reduced if the suggested recommended measures are worked upon.

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