Cyber Security Challenges and Attacks and Countermeasures for IoT-Based Smart Home

Altaf Hussain, Amir Hussain, Shah Marjan, Mehmood Baryalai, Zubair Zaland, Abdul Wahid, Shumaila Hussain


The Internet of Things is a distributed network of things connected by sensors and RFID tags that exchange information. The internet of things can work without human assistance, which increases security challenges. The IoT infrastructure allows people to live in smart homes, and their businesses are growing thanks to smart cities, smart industries, and smart healthcare. The prevalence of sensitive data and infrastructure increases security concerns. IoT devices face a number of challenges in terms of security and privacy, including improper device updates. Additionally, there is a lack of robust security protocols, a lack of awareness among users, and an absence of monitoring. This paper focuses on IoT security and privacy measures identified as security and privacy issues in IoT networks. This research work also discusses the approaches used, security solutions implemented, as well as appropriate privacy models for all types of layers of IoT, Architecture, Cyber Security challenges, Security Policies, Privacy, and countermeasures.

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