Comparative Analysis of EBG Structure for Applications in Planner Antennas

Muhammad Tawqeer, Muhammad Naseer


The Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG) structures are a well-liked and effective microwave technique. In addition, EBG may be paired with micro strip antenna to increase the range gain, radiation output, and/or suppress surface waves to scale back the side lobes of the radiation diagram and expand the bandwidth. During this research work, the design and optimization of various EBG unit cells using CST MW Studio. The frameworks were Crosswire, Mushroom, Swastika. During a linear patch antenna array of two elements the unit cells were filled into an array to position the cells. The performance of all the structures was compared, and thus the best for a functional design was made. The findings matched well with the calculated results.



Electromagnetic band-Gap (EGB), Side lobes, Mashroom, Swastika

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