Design And Development Of Variable Pitch Rotor

Ahsan Ali Memon, Ghullam Sarwar, Imdad Ali Memon, Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Saleemullah Memon, Irfan Ali Channa


In this paper, a new variable pitch rotor for small-scale wind turbine has been designed. The objective is to increase the power output for the turbine wind speed range by pitching the blades using an active mechanism. The current study includes an in-depth analysis, and designed process, detailed components, fabrication and assembly, testing results, recommendations, and conclusions. In this work carried out a mechanism that uses the centrifugal force of masses to drive an active pitching mechanism. The rotation of the rotor creates a centrifugal force that drives three 0.15 kg masses radially outward, resulting in rotation of the blades through a series of linkages. When the rotor slows down, a spring returns the system to its original position. The rotor has a diameter of 27 cm, height of 14 cm and total mass of 1.7 kg. By using a camera, it is confirmed that the pitching motion of the blades up to 15 degrees in the lab with the rotor attached to an electric motor. This newly designed and fabricated wind turbine rotor that self-optimizes will be helpful for achieving maximum conversion efficiency from wind to electricity over the range of operating wind speeds. 


Renewable energy, Wind Turbine, Pitch Rotor, Pitch angle, Pitch speed

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