Physiological Impacts of Motorcycling on its Young Riders in relation to their Body Mass Index

Anila Ali, Roslinah Mohamad Hussain, Ali Asghar, Aziza Sarwar, Syed Zameer Ul Hassan Shah, Gohram Khan Malghani


This study investigated the effects of motorcycling on the blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate among young riders (n = 31) aged between 21–25 years in relation to their respective Body Mass Index (BMI). Participants rode motorcycle on designated route (~4.7km) along with physiological assessments at-rest and after-ride. BMI index constituted 51.6% normal-weight, 29% overweight and 19.4% underweight with significant (p <.05) gender differences. The prevalence of elevated and high blood pressure (at-rest) were 13%. The prevalence of higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure was 26% and 12.9% respectively, 9.6% abnormal respiratory rates. Statistically significant differences were found in after-ride systolic (p = .000), diastolic blood pressures (p = 008), heart rates (p =.001) and respiratory rates (p = .001) as compared to at-rest. Only overweight participants showed a significantly increased heart rates at-rest (p = .017) and after-ride (p = .017). Hence physiological changes can occur from motorcycling and puts young adults at high risk.


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