Treatment of Palm oil mill effluent using activated biochar obtained from the residue of the gasifier

Asad Ullah, P G Rathnasiri, Dinithi Warnasurya, Zahid Naeem Qaisrani, Fahim Ibupoto, Syed Zameer Ul Hassan, Anila Ali, Ali Asghar, Syed Kamran Sami, Syed Haseeb Sultan


Abstract:        Biomass based energy conversion systems at different scale produce heat, power, fuels and other by-products which can be used to meet the requirements of domestic and industrial applications. Using different biomass feed stocks; many useful by-products such as bio char can be obtained in addition to energy produced. This study is focused on investigation of effect of activated bio char for wastewater treatment processes. The char residue of coconut shell biomass (CSB) was obtained after gasification; the pyrolysis temperature was maintained between 700- 1250 oC. The particle size of the CSB was kept 1.4-2 mm. After a complete cycle, the CSB bio char (CSBBC) obtained was cleaned, crushed and activated using chemical activation technique. Then activated bio char was used as an adsorbent in jar test conducted with palm oil mill effluent. Fixed volume of wastewater (300 mL) was treated with adsorbent of varying amount i.e., 5, 10, 15, and 20 g.  The results indicated the reduction in COD; 79.1%, BOD; 85.62% Color; 94.12%, TDS; 82%, TSS; 78.53% and turbidity; 96%. CSB is readily available, more cost effective and environmental friendly than other commercially available adsorbents.


Biomass, Bio char, Gasifier, Pyrolysis, wastewater.

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