Dust Deposition Effect on Solar Photovoltaic Modules Performance: A Review

Muhammad Ismail Jamali, Ghullam Mustafa Bhutto, Abdul Sattar Saand, Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Abdul Qadeer Tunio


The reducing environment effect on solar energy technology is an interesting area. PV modules are extensively used in insignificant and large-scale purpose for several years. Though, the PV module technology is not still inexpensive with other electrical power production of technology, particularly in atmospheres that agonies from dust, air particle, moisture and high air temperature. This paper gives review of the climatic condition of Nawabshah effects on PV module performance prospective, The effect of accumulation of dust. Deposition of dust have considerably effect on the transmittance of PV module and reducing the output power of PV module. Studies described the review of dust deposition and environment factors. Results showing that dust reducing the output power of PV module minimum 19.85% and maximum 55.168% and reducing Open circuit voltage and current of dusty panel are 0.76% and 1.087%. In Shanghai china there is loss of PV module power was recorded 35.226% and efficiency reduced 5.546%. The techniques of cleaning PV module is discussed in this paper. The data is about PV module performance addresses in literature review.


PV Module, Dust Deposition effect, Cleaning Technique

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