Mathematical Analysis of Voltage Dip propagation in CIGRE (International council of large electric system) Low Voltage Distribution Test Network

Ali Asif Malak, Ghulam Mustafa Bhutto, Ehsan Ali Buriro, Mohsin Ali Koondhar


Whenever fault occurs at any stage of power system, the magnitude of voltage and phase angle both are changed. In distribution system, there are sensitive loads such as digital computers; motor drives etc are connected with a system. Due to fault conditions, unbalancing in voltage may occur. So it may cause of damaging of equipment. Fault in distribution system may lead to voltage dip in system; it is the big problem of power quality. So it more important to understand the power quality and it is also important to analyze voltage dip propagation when different types of faults occur on system. 


Power quality (PQ), Unsymmetrical fault,, Symmetrical faults, Voltage dip propagation

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