Traffic-Noise Assessment at Rush Hours in Quetta City

Anila Ali, Ali Asghar, S Zameer Ul Hassan, Gohram Malghani


Noise is an environmental stressor, which leads to various ailments due to the physiological and psychological stresses it creates. It is essential to understand and evaluate the contributing factors of environmental noise, especially in densely polluted areas near major roads, railways and airports, for public health policy and planning. Noise level measurement permits precise and scientific analysis of noise annoyance, and therefore, this study aimed to determine the average noise levels of Quetta city. Seventy-three (73) location’s equivalent noise levels (Leq) were measured at peak rush hours for three consecutive days. Selected areas for measurement included health care centres, educational centres, government offices, public places, residential and commercial areas. All the selected sites were located near to main roads, where the traffic noise was the most prominent noise source. Noise was measured through calibrated microprocessor sound level meter. The results were computed by taking the mean of the three readings. The results showed 74 dBA as average noise level of Quetta city. It has been found that 90% of the selected locations in Quetta city exceeded the 65dBA, while 10 % of the total locations ranged between 55 to 65 dBA. The average noise exposure of the Quetta city was greater than the permissible international noise standard. This study identified the main traffic hubs of Quetta city, which requires mitigation strategies by the policy makers specifically for Health care and Educational sectors. It also requires adequate updated plans for community noise survey and ordinance.


Traffic-noise; Rush hours; environmental stressor; physiological stress; psychological stress

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