Laboratory Based Automatic Traffic Light Control System by Using (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller

Mohsin Ali Koondhar, Masood Ali Koondhar, Ali Asif Malak


This research is focused on laboratory based analysis on hardware module of traffic light with software. There are four ways of a traffic light in hardware model for detection of vehicle; each way has one sensor button. Three LEDs with individual colors say red, yellow and green for represents the traffic light in each lane.  Sensor and LEDs are connected to Mitsubishi PLC and each part on hardware controlled by PLC. Ladder diagrams are programmed by software to monitor the system and help improve public transportation services, thereby improving traffic guidance and traffic light control. The system was developed by setting the appropriate time for the traffic lights to respond accordingly. Critical timing operations should be performed during heavy traffic. The system used in traffic control systems must contain low power consumption, low engineering costs and increased safety. The controller then checks the priority and then provides an exit signal to the traffic light post to turn the red, yellow or green lights on or off, and the running time depends on the specific priority. Finally, the signal lights were successfully controlled by the PLC.


PLC, traffic lights, ladder programming, sensor, PLC Interface Board

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