Dual Band Switchable Voltage Controlled Oscillator in 65-nm CMOS Technology

Hamayoun Yousaf Shahwani


A switchable differential voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) has been fabricated in 65nm CMOS. It is a dual oscillator whose oscillation frequencies can be changed from 40GHz (VCO1) to 80GHz (VCO2) with 1 to 4GHz tuning range for oscillator respectively. The inductor switching is attained with the help of transistor as a switch and inductors are fabricated in a stacked manner for saving die area. The output power of VCO1 is 1 dBm and for VCO2 it is 0dBm with a total power consumption of 42mW. The phase noises were -94.62 dBc/Hz and -81.43 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset for VCO1 and VCO2 respectively. The chip area is 500 x 560 um2 including probing pads.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36785/jaes.v10i1.340

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