Muhammad Qasim Khan, Feroz Mehmood, Dawood Khan, Walayat Hussain


E-voting is flattering more stimulating chore over whole the world. It’s essential for Pakistan to contrivance it because of the unlawful implication of some dynamic peoples in Pakistan. E-voting is key component of E-government which is the practice of technology to enhance their access to and provision of government services to value populaces, business partners and Hires of Nation-state. E-voting is emergent phase of E-government towards democracy. E-voting is direct/ connected voting mechanism. Requisite of e-voting system is where people can vote without any delinquent and consumption of time, forged, secure and no one can operate the result. Such surroundings can be shaped through some automatic process which can’t be indignant. The study will provide an overview of E-Voting system, identifies its issues and limitations that why it’s not implemented yet in Pakistan. At the end we have proposed some notions that how to make possible the implementation of e-voting in Pakistan. It is basically designed for G2C concept.

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