A short review on the manufacturing problems of natural fiber reinforced composites

Ahmer Shah, Abdul Qadeer Dayo, Raja Asif Wagan, Ahthasham Sajid, Azizullah Shaikh, Ghazanfar Mehdi


In the modernworld, natural fiber reinforced polymer composites (NFRP) are gaining too much attention due to thelower manufacturing cost and favorable effects on the environment after use. Besides this, the processing problems ofsuch materials always remain a challenge. The bio/natural fiber has some protective layers and coatings causing hindrance for good interactions with polymer for good performance characteristics. Although numerous processes are already developed for overcoming the processing parameters but the desired goals are still not achieved. This short review focus on some useful properties and pre-treatment of fibers used for the manufacturing NFRP along with problems associated with effective remedial solutions. The viewers of this paper will get the basic knowledge and may select the area to study further in this field


Natural fiber; composites; treatment of fiber; hybridization of composites

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36785/jaes.v9i2.275

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