Efficient Multilevel Cache Design for Solid State Drive’s

Bakhtiar Kasi, Mumraiz Kasi, Riaz UlAmin


Flash memory-based Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are becoming popular as the storage media in domains ranging from laptops and embedded systems to enterprise-scale storage systems. The main reasons are SSDs durability and low energy consumption. Performance behavior of SSDs differs from those of magnetic disks. However, SSDs possess poor random write performance because of the erase-before-write problem. The cache memory has multiple novel features including advanced support for performance monitoring, data pre-fetching, and coherency. In this research, we have incorporated multi-level caching with solid-state drives. We evaluated our technique using the standard state-of-the-art DiskSim simulator. We found a significant reduction in number of writes with multi-level caching. The overhead was comparable.


SSD; Cache; Multilevel; DiskSim; LRU

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