Bioenergy production from waste mango seed shell by thermo-chemical conversion and its importance for mango fruit processing industry

Muhammad Amin, Mahinsasa Narayana, Asadullah Baloch, Syed Kamran Sami, Muhammad Najam Khan, Syed Haseeb Sultan, Muhammad Junaid


Waste biomass is gaining increased interest as a feedstock for energetic and non-energetic products. In this study, potential of wasted mango seed shell for bioenergy production by using laboratory scale updraft gasifier was investigated. Gasifier was operated with and without packing at air velocity of 3.0 and 3.5 m/s. Biomass characteristics, temperature profile, influence of air velocity on higher heating value (HHV) of producer gas, composition of gas and thermal efficiency of gasifier were parameters considered for analysis. Operation without packing material showed better performance. Results depict that maximum 3.56 MJ/Nm3 of producer gas was generated at lower air velocity. Maximum operating time for complete consumption of biomass was recorded as 165 minutes. Negligible difference found in temperature profile between both operating modes. Temperature profile indicated that temperature attained during operation was 372°C, 742 °C, 604 °C and 423 °C for drying, combustion, reduction and pyrolysis zone, respectively. The Proportion of product gas was 75 %, while black thick liquid (mixture of Tar and moisture) and biochar were byproducts contributed about 8% and 10%, respectively. Mango pit shell waste is valuable bioenergy feedstock and its recycling could be economically and environmentally beneficial for mango processing industry.


Renewable energy; Biomass; Mango seed; fruit waste; Updraft gasification

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