Analysis of Observations Acquired from Digieye and Macbeth

Abdul Malik Rehan Abbasi


The aim of paper was to indicate a compatibility of results obtained from two kinds of equipment: Macbeth and DigiEye. To accomplish this, the selected materials were tested on both devices. DigiEye is a computer controlled digital camera used to measure the colour changes caused by special fabric treatment. The data that can be obtained are the reflectance or colourimetric results. The operating principle of Macbeth spectrophotometer is based on the quantitative measurement of transmission and reflection of the light by the sample. Macbeth has been used to test not only the textile materials but also for other solids and liquids since the middle of the twentieth century. Colour measurement in the CIELab system and comparison of results from both DigiEye and Macbeth indicates the differences or correlation between these two devices. The objective of this work was to analyse the possibility of a wide application of the DigiEye system in textile industry for evaluation of colour and its durability. The study demonstrated the significant differences in the results obtained from both the instruments, however, these differences follow very specific shift of the lightness, chromaticity and hue of the colour and needs further investigation.


DigiEye; Macbeth; CIELab; spectrophotometer; colorimeter

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