Effect of Cable Stiffness and Waves Parameters on the Dynamic Responses of Submerged Floating Tunnel

Naik Muhammad, Azmatullah Khan, Zafar Baloch, Muhammad Habib, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail


Submerged floating tunnel (SFT) is a new structural solution for waterway crossings compared to the classical solutions such as cable supported bridge, immersed tunnel or underground tunnel. An SFT is subjected to extreme waves, currents, earthquakes and other environmental loadings. The effect of key structural and waves parameters are important from the design perspective for an SFT. This study, the dynamic responses of SFT are evaluated using truss and catenary cables to check the effect of cable stiffness. The second part of this study deals with the effect of wave height and wave period on the dynamic responses of SFT. 3D truss and 3D catenary cables give very similar dynamic responses under waves and vertical ground motions. The wave height and wave period mainly control the dynamic behavior of SFT.


Submerged Floating Tunnel; Truss Cable; Catenary Cable; Effect of Waves Parameters

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36785/jaes.82255

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