Characteristic Signatures of Radial or Local Acceleration of Electron inside Earth Radiation Belt

Asif Ali Abbasi, Muhammad Shahid Qureshi, Zahida Ehsan


Radiation belt science has several enigmatic issues among which is yet unexplained electron acceleration in the million electron Volt (MeV) energy range. An extensive data set of Relativistic Electron-Proton Tele-scope (REPT) on board the Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) is studied for the 28 June, 2013 electron acceleration event. Phase space density is first determined for 2.30 MeV particles from measured integral flux and then calculated for the appropriate energy that conserves the first adiabatic invariant. It is shown that the time dependent radial profile of phase space density supports the local acceleration mechanism.


Electron Acceleration; Phase Space Density; Local Peak

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