Phosphate Rock Upgradation by Combination of Shaking Table and High Intensity Magnetic Separator: Ghari Habibullah, Pakistan

Naseer Muhammad Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Hamid Ullah


Phosphate is non-renewable mineral. Estimated phosphate ores in Pakistan are 26 million ton of different range, low, average and high grade. In past, different methods were used for upgradation of phosphate ore worldwide. To make phosphate ore more valuable, one of the most dominant technique used is flotation. Assessed phosphate ores in Pakistan are 26 million of a wide range of grades. Diverse sorts of strategies were utilized as a part of past for the upgradation of phosphate mineral around the world. Considering this, froth flotation is also used as one of an attractive technique. The critical literature on preparing of phosphate ore is fundamentally survey. Froth floatation is utilized worldwide for the upgradation of phosphate ore. In light of the literature and portrayal of Ghari Habib Ullah (GHU), conservative flowsheet of upgradation was planned for GHU phosphate mineral. The ore is upgrade from 22.55% P2O5, 6% Fe2O3 to 30.22% P2O5, 2% < Fe2O3 with 60% Recovery.


Phosphate rock; Ore Upgradation; Ghari Habib Ullah; Design; Flowsheet

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