Applications of FACTS/ESS in Power System Congestion Management with Large Renewable Energy Sources Using PSS/E and Experienced in National Grid of Pakistan

Zaira Anwar, Tahir Nadeem Malik, Awais Sarfraz, Hassan Hameed, Abdul Rehman, Tahir Abbas


Network or transmission congestion is one of the technical challenges in context of power system operation. The congestion management have great impact in power system operations with the emerging technologies of large renewable sources. In Pakistan, the congestion issues are addressed in the area of National Grid of Pakistan. There are many techniques are proposed to relieve these issues. In this research paper, FACTS and ESS devices are proposed to curtail this issue in the PSS/E environment. It gives the reliable & encouraging results and cost-effective solution.


Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS); Energy storage systems (ESS); Power system simulator for engineers (PSS/E); Static volt-ampere reactive (VAR) compensator (SVC); Static compensator (STATCOM); Battery energy storage system (BESS);

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