Di-Methyl Ether (DME) Prospective in Terms of Conventional Fuels in Pakistan from Gasification of Aboriginal Coal

Aziza Aftab Memon, Shaheen Sheikh, Mohammad Siddique, Shagufta Ishtiyaque, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Faisal Mushtaq


The whole world is facing increment in the stipulation of energy and for this purpose fossil fuels are burning readily to achieve the demand of energy. The world strives for pollution free environment and to maintain the equilibrium in energy demand and supply, focus of the world is diverting towards clean, cheap, renewable and efficient fuel that can withstand with other conventional fuel. Coal potential of Pakistan is 185.5 billion tons and is about more than the reserves of oil and gas in Arabian countries. Energy Crises and Environmental dilemma of Pakistan can be overcome by the production of DME fuel from gasification of aboriginal coal. It is estimated by the Bureau of Energy Pakistan that Diesel consumption by the transport sector and industries are 8 million tons. Pakistan spends 5.37 billion dollars extra on importing diesel of 4.8 million tons and 58,613 million tons of LPG. It is estimated that Pakistan consumes 8 million tons of diesel yearly with the rapid increment of 5%. Pakistan bears the expenditure of 5.37 billion dollars for importing the 4.8 million tons of diesel. This burden on the budget can be reduced by producing the DME from aboriginal sources as a substitute to conventional fuels. In terms of cost comparison, DME costs 40% less than diesel. Pakistan is a rich country in terms of aboriginal reserves 185 billion tons coal can produce 92 billion tons of DME. By the end of 2020, Pakistan will import diesel costing 9.18 billion dollars according to country requirement and cost of DME production 3.67 billion dollars. The fuel importing burden of budget in Pakistan till 2020 can be reduced to 5.51 billion dollars. DME can be used as an alternative to crude oil derived fuels in the boilers, combustion engines and domestic fuel.


Fossil fuel; Energy crises; Liquefied Petroleum Gas; Di Methyl Ether; Crude

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