Strength Behavoir Evaluation of Cement Mortar using Waste Fly Ash and Marble Dust

Syed Zafar, Ahmed Bilal, Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Nasir, Anwaar Hazoor, Ali Nawaz, Ehsanullah Kakar, Aamir Mehmood


Pakistan being one of the most urbanized countries of the region having a large number of industries which have been known to produce large quantities of byproducts and wastes. For economic and environmental aspect the industrial waste reuse is appreciable because environmental contamination is the major issue associated with rapid increase in the byproduct and waste generated in the forms of fly ash and marble dust waste due to industrial activities. This study examines the mechanical properties of fresh and hardened cement mortar by using fly ash as partial replacement of cement and waste marble dust as partial replacement for fine aggregate in cement mortar at various percentages (0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% by weight of the cement and fine aggregate) with water. An experimental investigation for the measurement of consistency, initial setting time and final setting time of cement with fly ash replacement were determined by using the Vicat apparatus. Consistency of cement mortar (Workability) with fly ash and waste marble dust replacement was determined by using flow table test. Cubes of the samples with fly ash and waste marble dust replacement as cement and fine aggregate were used to determine the compressive strength of hardened cement mortar. The test results showed that addition of fly ash and waste marble dust into cement mortar mixture significantly increased its compressive strength, initial setting time, final setting time and consistency of cement mortar, while consistency of cement was decreased as compared to conventional cement mortar. This study ensures that reusing of fly ash and waste marble dust as substitutes in cement mortar gives a good approach to solve industrial waste disposal problems.


Industrial Waste; Fly Ash; Marble Dust; Cement Mortar; Compressive Strength

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