Orange Peel as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Reactive Blue Dye from Textile Waste Water

Nazakat Ali, Noor Ahmed


In this study the capable use of the low cost and eco-friendly material orange peel as a biosorbent for the removal of dichlorotriazine Reactive Blue (RB-Drimarine-K2 RL) dye from aqueous solutions was studied, containing equilibrium and dynamic studies. Experiments were performed on different dye concentrations, particle sizes, adsorbent doses, pH, shaking speed and shaking time. It was revealed that the adsorption capacities of orange peels were comparatively high for the reactive dyes. The adsorption equilibrium data could be best plotted by applying the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The experimental results were labeled by both isotherm. Adsorption results were analyzed using the linear models and the regression results showed that the adsorption was more accurately described by a Lngumuir model.

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