Assessment of Utilizing Marble Stone Dust and Wood Saw Dust as Partial Replacement for Cement and Sand in Concrete

Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Nasir, Syed Zafar, Ahmed Bilal, Ehsanullah Kakar, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail, Aamir Mehmood, Zafar Lashari


Marble stone dust and wood saw dust have been used in concrete mixes as partial replacement for fine and coarse aggregates separately in recent years. The increase or decrease in strength is due to the addition in the percentage of marble stone dust and wood saw dust. Studies have been conducted on determining the optimum marble stone dust and wood saw dust percentage to meet the desired strength of concrete in construction. In this study, marble stone dust (MSD) and wood saw dust (WSD) were used as partial replacement for cement and fine aggregate in concrete mix respectively. The test samples were prepared by replacing 0%, 2%, 4%, and 6% of cement and fines by weight of concrete with MSD and WSD. The combined effect of MSD and WSD on the workability, compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete was investigated. It was found that both compressive and flexural strength gradually decrease with increase in the percentage of marble stone dust and wood saw dust.


Concrete; Marble Stone Dust; Wood Saw Dust; Compressive Strength; Workability

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