Implementation of Spectral Amplitude Coding OCDMA System Based on Multi- Carrier Optical Signal

Jehanzeb Khan, Yousaf Khan, Faizullah Khan, Waqas A. Imtiaz


Incoherent SAC-OCDMA systems are designed to support low cost passive optical networks. However, incoherent nature of these systems limits their capability to support large amount of data. It is therefore necessary to utilize coherent optical sources like laser diode to provide high capacity in terms of data and the number of subscribers. Use of a single laser source in SAC-OCDMA system significantly increases the cost, which reduce its feasibility for deployment at the access domain. This paper proposes a novel technique for the implementation of SAC-OCDMA system using multi carrier laser. This technique can reduce the cost of SAC-OCDMA system by using a single laser for multiple subscribers in the system. Simulation analysis of the proposed SAC-OCDMA system while using random diagonal codes shows that it can support up to 12 Gbps of data at fiber lengths of 25 km.


Spectral Amplitude Coding; Optical Code Division Multiple Access; Multi carrier source; Passive Optical Access Networks

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