Study of Current-voltage Characteristic Using Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Technique of Schottky Diode Made of SIC

H.M.Noor Asghar, Zaheer Abbas Gilani, Irshad Ahmad, Shuang Shi, Yi Tan


Current spectroscopy was employed to investigate Silicon Carbide (SiC). DLTS standard setup was performed to study the current voltage measurement of respective schottky diode. The current voltage measurement of SiC schottky diode was carried out at different temperatures keeping the same biasing setting. From these measurements the behavior of the material is: The ideality factor of SiC at room temperature was found to be 1.9894 that was little bit improved i.e. ~ 1.7268 when temperature was increased ~400K. However values increased with decrease in temperature for the material. The higher value of ideality factor is attributed to high diffusion or tunneling current. The barrier height of SiC at room temperature was calculated as 0.995eV which remained nearly constant with increase in temperature. The change in the barrier height is related to the effective leakage current at high temperature. Reverse saturation current calculated for SiC at room temperature was 6.5706 ×10-13A. Its value increased up to 1.72×10-9A at 400K.


Semiconducting Silicon Carbide materials; I-V characteristics; Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) of the material; Schottky diode;

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