Characterization of Sic by Means of C-V Measurement of Respective Schottky Diode by DLTS

Noor ul Khan Asghar


Silicon Carbide (SiC) has been characterized by means of capacitance spectroscopy. The capacitance voltage measurement of respective schottky diode is performed by standard method available in our DLTS setup. The capacitance voltage measurements of SiC are obtained at various temperatures under the similar reverse biasing conditions for material. From these measurements the following parameters were evaluated: The doping concentration of SiC at room temperature was calculated 5.2061×1012 cm-3. Its value increased with increase in
temperature and showed no significant temperature effect. The built-in potential calculated for SiC at room temperature was 1.49V. Its value gradually decreased with increase in temperature. The depth profile of SiC became more uniform with increase in temperature and showed no change as the temperature varied from room temperature to lower values. Comparison of the data with the literature showed that the sample was affected by native and/or intrinsic point defects developed during growth or metallization process.

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