Analysis of Physicochemical Drinking Water Quality Parameters of Ziarat Valley

Abida Dost Mohammad, Maqsood Ahmad Khan, Aamir Mahmood


Quality of water is an important criterion for determining the suitability of water for human consumption. Keeping in view the significance of good quality water for a healthy society, the physic-chemical analysis of the water sources of the Ziarat town was carried out to evaluate their suitability for drinking purpose. A total of 16 drinking water samples were collected from 4 different sources of both surface (City and Wobasar karez) and ground water (Borewell and Tubewell). Four water samples (1 at the source and 3 from the tap) were collected from each source randomly. All the samples were analyzed for various physic-chemical parameters such as, color, odor, taste, temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, chloride, total hardness, and total alkalinity using standard procedures of (APHA, 1998). The calculated values were compared with the standards of WHO, all the samples were found below or within the maximum permissible limits of WHO.


Water quality; Physicochemical parameters; Ziarat valley; WHO;

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