Comparative Genome/Proteome Analysis of Four Serotypes of Dengue Virus Using Bioinformatics Tools

Ayesha Arsha, Muhammad Naeem Shahwani, Asma Yousafzai, Fazal ur Rhman, Muhammad Asif


Dengue viral infections pose threat to almost half of the world’s population health. The recent outbreak of dengue fever in Pakistan has invited attention of the scientific community to attempt devising ways and means and initiating programs controlling this menace. This work is also a step forward in the same direction. Utilizing different in-silico approaches like CLC Bio workbench, Protparam and Virus mploc comparative analysis of the full length genome and proteome of dengue virus serotypes was performed. All the four serotypes exhibited high level of similarities both at genome and proteome level. However, variations still existed though insignificant. Concerning prediction of sub-cellular localization of viral capsid,envelop and membrane glycoprotein in the host cell, all three proteins in four serotypes were shown to target endoplasmic reticulum. Endoplasmic reticulum hosting the viral structural proteins emerges as the pivot of the future studies aiming controlling dengue infections.

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