Application Prospect of Backfill Technology for Pillar Recovery in Room and Pillar Mining Method, Pakistan

Sami Abro, Zhang Jixiong, Mohammad Ali Shah, Deng Xuejie, Fang Kun


Pakistan is one of the richest coal deposit country in the world. But unfortunately, Pakistan facing the biggest electricity shortfall and planning to generate the electricity by coal fired power plants. The wastage of coal during pillar extraction in room and pillar mining method in Pakistan is the biggest issue nowadays. This is the first time to research on it and redesign the mining method with small modifications to reduce the wastage of coal in Pakistan. Backfilling technology is the only technique to reduce the wastage of coal during pillar extraction, use the waste material as Backfill material, reduce the environmental pollution and make the environment green and healthy.


Room and Pillar Mining; Pillar Recovery; Backfill Technology; wastage of coal; Immediate Roof Pressure; Waste Material; Environment Pollution

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