Recovery Path Optimization using Modified Assured Quality Model (M.A.S.Q) in MPLS based Network

Atifullah Khan, Riaz Ul- Amin, Abdul Sattar Malik, Imran Sarwar Bajwa


In this paper, an improved algorithm for continual network service provisioning in case of edge failure has been presented. Currently, most of the research related to network resource management in case of edge failure has focuses on rerouting of packets. These packets are treated individually. The performance achieved through rerouting the traffic on alternate path mainly depends upon path optimization strategy. There are several parameters which are considered in literature for selection of optimal path. According to the best of my knowledge, while choosing optimized path, there are several important parameters that are yet not considered for optimal path selection. The parameter includes throughput, load-balance-threshold and available bandwidth of the link. This research focuses to consider these above mentioned parameters for selection of alternate (optimal path) in case of edge failure. We believe, if Path Switch Router selects the alternate path incorporating above mentioned parameters then network efficiency due to better selection of optimal paths will be further improved. In this research paper alternate path selection process is modified to consider the new parameters and achieve better network performance in case of network node failure.


Multiprotocol label switching; label switching router (LSR); Path Switch Router (PSL); Path optimization; Network Node Failure

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