Detection and Amplification of the E8 Promoter in Tomato Plant and Sequencing of the E8 Gene

Shahjahan Shabbir Ahmed, Imran Ali Sani, Nazeer Ahmed, Muhammad Luqman, Umair Ahmed, Arshad Ghani Khan, Salman Aziz, Abdul Razzaq Reki, Asif ur Rehman


Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) is edible, often red berry-type fruit and a rich source of Fe, Vitamin A, B and C. It is widely cultivated all over the world. E8 gene is related to ethylene biosynthesis in plants. Ethylene is responsible for growth and ripening of fruits. The present study was carried out to detect and amplify the E8 Promoter in the leaves and fruits of Tomato, Spring onion, Capsicum and Lettuce. The CTAB Protocol of Doyle and Doyle (1990) were used for DNA extraction from leaves and fruits and quality was
checked on gel electrophoresis. PCR program for E8 was optimized and PCR products were sequenced. The sequencing results were aligned and Blast. The result indicated that in Tomato fruit the E8 gene is detected and amplified as compare to leaves and other plants. This E8 primer will be utilized for different fruits as well.


E8 promoter; Tomato; PCR; Sequencing

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