Production of Biodiesel through Catalytic Transesterification of Jatropha Oil

Tufail Mustafa, Suhail Ahmad Soomro2, Muhammad Najam1 Najam, . Assadullah, Muhammad Amin, Ijaz Ahmad


Depletion of fossil fuel and their effect on environment give the importance of alternative fuel or renewable fuels. It is renewable, nontoxic and sustainable energy resource. Jatropha oil is non-edible vegetable oilwhich is obtained from jatropha curcas plant. It is used for the production of biodiesel.
Biodiesel was produced through transesterification process. In this process 4:1 methyl alcohol to jatropha oil molar ratio was used. Mg/Al hydrotalcite was used for the production of biodiesel in reactor under different conditions. Optimum yield 87.92% of biodiesel was obtained at reaction temperature 450C at 500 rpm for 1.5 hr and catalyst wt% was 1.3%. Flash point, density, viscosity and calorific values of produced biodiesel were determined. Jatropha oil can replace the edible oil for the production of biodiesel and it can fulfill the requirement of energy in Pakistan.


Jatropha oil; Biodiesel; Transesterification; Solid catalyst

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