Prioritization of University Choice Dimensions using Fuzzy DEMATEL

Raja Rub Nawaz, Sajjida Reza, Bilal Sarwar


Marketing in higher education has yet to prove its mettle in its theoretical models applications albeit, instances of application of marketing concepts are growing. This study is an effort to present an application of consumer choice behavior model in higher education with one of the tools of Fuzzy Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making (FMCDM) sphere, specifically, Fuzzy Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method was used. Five university choice dimensions, based on consumer choice model in the realm of higher education in Pakistan, were chosen for the purpose of prioritization of these dimensions from the higher management perspective of several local and regional universities. The resultant digraph of fuzzy DEMATEL method showed that “University Competence” as a dimension was highest on importance axis and “University History” was the lowest as a dimension. On relationship axis of digraph, all the four dimensions “University Competence”, “Market Worth”, “Value-added Activities”, and “Amenities Offered” were the causal factors having a concomitant effect on the fifth dimension “University History”. The importance with cause and effect relationship digraph also enabled us to look into the structural framework that was inherent by studying the cause and effect groups of university choice dimensions. The prioritization of criteria/dimensions also elicits the steering factors for higher management of any university as what dimensions must be concentrated and focused on while formulating and implementing marketing strategies in higher education domain.


Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL);University Choice;Consumer Choice Behavior Model;Fuzzy MCDM

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