Development of Conceptual Link between Servant Leadership & Employee Subjective Well-being

Raheela Maula-Bakhsh, Abdul Raziq


In recent years, Subjective Well-Being (SWB) of employees has turned out to be a major concern for majority of organizations. Similarly, the concern for follower-centric leadership has also been emerged. Servant leadership is a new concept that has gained increased attention of the scholars. As, the concept of servant leadership is based on promoting the employees wellbeing and in provision of services to employees, thus, it is expected that certain characteristics of servant leadership might impact SWB constructively. The objective of this study is to develop a conceptual link between servant leadership and employee subjective well-being. The literature review from past 1969-2014 has been done and conceptual framework has been presented. Furthermore, some propositions have also been postulated. The study indicate that empirical researches can be conducted further in future to validate these propositions.


Servant Leadership;Subjective well-being;Emotional Healing;Altruism;Growth of people;Empowerment;Conceptualization

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