Characterization of ZnO by mean of I-V Measurement of respective Schottky diode by DLTS

Muhammad Noor ul Huda Khan Asghar, Zaheer Abbas Gilani


Zinc Oxide (ZnO) was studied through deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS). The current- voltage(C-V) characteristics of Schottky diode were analyzed through standard method, which is available in DLTS system. The C-V measurements of ZnO were performed at different temperatures under identical biasing circumstances. On the bases of these characteristics the behavior of the material was studied in detail and listed in the following: The ideality factor of ZnO was calculated to be 2.2183 at room temperature, observed to increase with decreasing temperature of the material. The higher value of ideality factor was attributed to high diffusion or tunneling current. The barrier height of ZnO was calculated as 0.640eV, which decreased with decrease in temperature. The change in the barrier height was related to the effective leakage current at high temperature. Reverse saturation current calculated for ZnO was found to be 7.531μA and the calculated values are found to decrease at lower temperatures.


Semiconducting zinc oxide materials;I-V characteristics;Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) of the material;schottky diode

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