The Schema as the Predictor of Depression among the Adolescents

Ayesha Manzoor, Sundus Sial, Faiza Manzoor, Anwar ul Haq


The paper focuses on the role of individual’s schema in generating the depression among the adolescents. A purposive sample of 100 adolescents male and female with age range of 10 to 25 years was taken from non-clinical population. The Beck Depression Inventory II and Young Schema Questionnaire (Short Form) were administered on the subjects to determine the level of depression stimulated by schema. The Readiness Ruler was also administered to determine how much the subject was ready or how much daily life events make him to alter his schemas. In addition to these measures the Demographic Information sheet was also provided to subjects to get the background information from them. Data was analyzed by applying Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Regression analysis. The results clearly supported the hypotheses that the disorganized or false schemas and beliefs lead to depression. Results are discussed in relation to latest schema theories and cognitive therapy which can be used to rationalize the beliefs in maintaining the good mental health of an individual.

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