Role of Bottle Feeding and Parental Education in Children Diarrhea

Sobia Naeem, Samia Parveen


Diarrhea can be described as the passing of loose or liquid stools. Lack of parental education and proper handling of bottle feeding among infants two year of age was associated with diarrheal disease and no breastfeeding among children 6-24 months of age are associated with increased diarrheal disease. Data for the descriptive study of diarrhea in children up to 2 years was collected during the 4 months period at the Bolan medical complex Hospital and Provincial Sandeman hospital Quetta and 100 samples were taken as diarrhea affected. A questionnaire was designed for the collection of information on the potential risk factors for the diarrhea and data was analyzed statistically by using Microsoft excel. The results against diarrhea shows that most of parents of the patients were uneducated i.e. about 62% were uneducated which shows a relationship between diarrhea and parental education. Bottle feeding was also a major cause of diarrheal disease in infants up to two years of age about 71% of patients were taking bottle feed. Our findings support that bottle feeding and parental education were two major factors for the diarrhea illnesses in children up to two years of age.


parental education;diarrhea;Bottle feeding

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