Quality Assurance: The Standards for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan

Anjum Parvez, Muhammad Adeel Anjum, Iftikhar-U-Din Khawaja


This paper analyzes and evaluates the hypothetical imperatives, suggested by the educators, educationists and others about the quality of teaching and learning in higher education so that asset of standards to ascertain the quality may be developed. In this paper special attention has been given to the strategies for translating the imperatives into valid and reliable instruments and procedures for making judgments about the quality referred above. Besides, the paper reviews the efforts of higher education commission to change and stream line the method and materials of private and public institutions of higher education with special reference to teaching and learning. Since many of the recognized public and private universities of Pakistan give affiliation to the private colleges who offer undergraduate and graduate programs of studies, their affiliation policies and procedures have also been discussed and debated in the paper with a view to suggest ideas to check and streamline the classroom activities and procedures of such institutions. A very important feature of the paper is the role of the raters of teaching learning and the influence of their personal and professional characteristics on their judgments. In the end a set of standards and associated procedures to evaluate the teaching and learning situation of the universities and degree awarding institutions of Pakistan have been proposed.


Quality Assurance;Standards;Higher Education Institutions;HEC;Pakistan

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